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Throne of Elves

Action Fantasy animated film "Dragon Nest 2: Throne of the Elves ' starts to develop two years after the events described in the first part. In the Centre of the story is the young Lambert. He gets a sudden message from picturesque Elven Country. The message says that the wedding will take place soon. The Royal family wished he took part in the ceremony and was among the invited guests. Overwhelmed with joy that he got the opportunity to meet once again with the Lijej, the main character is going to go.

Lambert finds his air ship and sets off on a journey. Along with him his loyal animals that never depart from it. And in this time not all Elves quietly because the Princess Elena, which obey the Dark Elves, is going to disrupt the ceremony and be surprised the Royal family. She plans to capture an ancient artifact, through which it will be able to monitor the life-force of any living creature. She manages to implement his plan. And now only Lambert is able to re-establish peace and tranquility in these lands.

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