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The film is based on the novel by Marx Brooks very early and showed in mid-June of the same year. It all started as Jerry, a former CIA operative, was driving with his family to rest outside the city, when suddenly an explosion nearby and decided to get out of the car to check what was going on. Instead of the usual explosion he saw a crowd of people, who flee escapes from humans-monsters, mutated after being bitten by the same people-monsters.

Jerry and his family rescues one of the people of the CIA, having carried out the rescue operation with them helicopter and military detachment. After they are taken to a safe place the military aircraft carrier. Jerry sent for a military operation to identify and destroy the source of the infection. After a long flight, they ordered landing in South Korea. After an unsuccessful attempt to find the source, the team Jerry is sent to Jerusalem, because according to the former detectives Günther, there for the first time, long before the epidemic was erected protective walls. Arriving at their destination, Jürgen (head of Mossad) explains why that is both respecting religion, to learn that India is going to War.

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