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The Greatest Showman

The authors of the film "The Greatest Showman" offer their viewers to immerse themselves in the story about one of the most famous American entrepreneurs and the biggest show-business figures of the 19th century. It tells the story of a man who was able to gain popularity due to its mystics and organize a circus, named in his honor.

The plot begins with the very first case Taylor Barnum. Trying to contain a small Stampede, he realizes that wanted to do something different. Then he enjoys lottery, widespread in the country. However business completely breaks. Then Barnum decides to go to the media, but after several lawsuits concerning libel and the case breaks, and the entrepreneur proves to be behind bars. Taylor wants to go down in History, but all classes or don't bring proper satisfAction, or turn out to be unprofitable. And when it seems that the whole world is biased against him, he suddenly appears an idea that seems brilliant and frightening at the same time. It creates a show that becomes a sensation.

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