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Central Intelligence

The story begins in the year 1996, where an athlete and the most popular student, Calvin, is being honored for his tremendous hard work and for bringing a good name to the school. But the nuisance created by the evil and the bad boy of school, ruins this beautiful day of Calvin. The evil boy bullies an obese boy by bringing him naked to the aWard ceremony. Where the obese Robbie becomes the joke for all the students, Calvin runs to him and covers him with his jacket.

Twenty years later, Calvin is working as an accountant and his happy married life with his high school love, is not happy anymore. Calvin’s life is simple and boring, but his life does not remain the same when he meets Bob aka Robbie. Bob has achieved a great transformation since high school, the obese guy is now a tall and muscular man. Bob takes Calvin into a world that is entirely different from his simple and tranquil world. Calvin, forcibly becomes a part of the world filled with terror, panics and shoot outs and aids Bob in his mission.

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