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The series "Daybreak", filmed in the genre of black Comedy, sends its viewers to post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Civilization is dying, but not everything is as bad as it seems. Some survivors believe that in the new conditions, you can find a lot of positive things. One of these people was a student named Josh Wheeler, who had a lot of problems with his studies. For him, the post-Apocalypse becomes an opportunity to Express himself. He is optimistic about the future and sees the demise of civilization as his second chance.

Soon after, Josh joins forces with the other survivors. Together with them, he takes refuge in an untouched shopping center. However, it turns out that the local owner is very annoying. At the same time, it is revealed that one of Josh's new acquaintances is a former bully and bully who has decided to become a samurai and pacifist. And among them is a real madman in the field of pyrotechnics. Together they are going to fight on the streets of a collapsed civilization with mutants and distraught survivors.

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