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Off Piste

The main hero of the fighter created in Great Britain "Off Piste" once served in special troops. One tragedy which happened during service doesn't go ten years out of the mind and will dement soon. The former military all the time lives in a desperate depression. Thoughts of suicide aren't even alien to it. He chose for himself a lonely way of life, having got lost in the mountains of France. Daily he undertakes walks, risky for life, on skis in mountain places, unadapted for people, and easily can be lost.

He deliberately doesn't make to himself friends, tries not to share the thoughts with anybody and very much wants to forget the shocks which happened in the past. He lives with sick mother to whom too doesn't tell about the experiences tormenting him. Even visit of the psychotherapist can't give relief and relieve of very heavy freight of the thoughts connected with suicide. His psychologist advises to keep the diary to facilitate soul, having registered all disturbing thoughts in a notebook.

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